CYFACE (2022)

A transmedia installation for participants to reflect on the effects and influence of mediated information on the marketing of identity. The installation experience spanned 3D animation, audio, sculpture and headset VR.

TEAM: Annop Khunwong, Madhavi Bhagwat, Tanvi Babbar, Tanya Chaturvedi, Zhenzhen Tian
ROLE: Concept, Design, Installation, VR Development (Unreal Engine)

︎︎︎The Story


A science-fiction about two sections of society, the aspirational Klailas, a cloud city that sells a heavily advertised ‘digital face’ to Lok (affected by bio-warfare) that promises a better life.

The experience was divided into two parts: Lok (in the real world) and Klailas (in the virtual world) and took the viewer through the journey of a Lok person who 'achieves' the digital face and ascends to Klailas.

︎︎︎Two Worlds


We had sculptures and masks of the Lok people, and projected ads from Klailas they experienced in their daily world. Visitors could use to hear the thoughts of the Lok and an audio narration alternative through headphones.

We put projections of clouds and ambient music while the visitor lays down on a mattress to could blissfully immerse themselves in the world of Klailas. Our VR experience is still a work in progress, which is why we also included some 3D renders of the storyboard along with the prototype.

Physical Installation in ‘Lok’
Virtual Experience in ‘Klailas’

︎︎︎Watch the Process Video

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